Be a Headhunter

MedWorkforce provides a platform for you to work as a Healthcare Headhunter and earn revenue by placing healthcare professionals. You will work as per your schedule, using our platforms and the resources to make the placements.

MedWorkforce will guide & train you to understand the entire US Healthcare recruitment process and the various credentials, certification, and licensure required to screen the candidates.

Job role of the Healthcare Headhunter is to source, screen and conduct the initial interview of the healthcare professionals. Qualify them to present it to a healthcare facility for the selection process. Rest of the activities will be taken care by the MedWorkforce.

Key Skill of Healthcare headhunter:
Good Communication Skills
Interpersonal Skills

How does it work?

MedWorkforce would provide the free training on the various aspects of recruitments and the US healthcare segment.

We would provide the required resources and job openings to place the candidates.

Anyone from any field is open to join this platform from any location. No prior recruitment or healthcare recruitment knowledge is required.

There is no joining or membership fee.

MedWorkforce will provide the continuous support in sourcing and placement of the prospective candidates.

MedWorkforce will be responsible for the client interaction and updates.

You will earn the placement fee of 35% on every successful placement. Successful placement is defined as when the candidate is placed and completes the guarantee period.

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